February 2023

Hawaii - the land of perpetual volcanoes

Watching the volcanic activity at dawn was truly an unparalleled experience. The sheer magnificence of witnessing the raw power of nature was awe-inspiring. As the first rays of sunlight delicately kissed the horizon, the entire landscape transformed into a surreal masterpiece. In the stillness of the early morning, if one listened attentively, faint murmurs could be heard, as if the Earth itself whispered secrets of its inner workings. It was an indescribable sensation, as time seemed to stand still, and all that mattered was the mesmerizing spectacle unfolding before our eyes. The transition from darkness to the break of dawn, coupled with the mesmerizing lava flow, created a moment of profound connection with the natural world.

Exploring waterfalls and indulging in local cuisine, while immersing oneself in the lush greenery and refreshing rain, is a delightful way to spend time. Along the journey, one can also revel in the beauty of beaches and be amazed by the incredible weather changes that occur as you ascend from higher altitudes. The rainforest, enveloped in a mystical fog and abundant moisture, creates an enchanting atmosphere, enhanced by the soothing sound of peeping frogs at night. As you gradually descend to lower elevations, the air becomes drier, and the surrounding ocean takes on a different character. This transition offers a unique experience, allowing you to witness the contrast between two diverse environments.

Kilauea volcano is located in Volcanoes National Park on the island of Hawaii. The volcano is between 210,000 & 280,000 years old.

The people of Hawaii were welcoming and kind, as well as very eager to introduce me to their delicious cuisine. 


Nature at its most raw.

2/5/20232 min read